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PARIKALPAK: Industrial Architects and Consultants

PARIKALPAK Consultants Ltd. was established as a private limited company on April 2016. Prior to that my team operated under PARIKALPAK Architect Engineers & Planners since 1994. During this time, Architect A N M Habibullah, the team leader and owner of the company, also worked on projects under his own name. After his graduation, he started working for a renowned architectural firm (ECBL) from 1990 to 1993, and with others, assisted the firm to complete one of their exemplery work: The Nagar Bhaban.


Years of experience

Our Services

Schematic Design

The consultant shall consult with the client & his technical persons to ascertain the requirements & program of the project. Based on which, schematic drawings are prepared for client’s approval.

Design Development

Following schematic design approval, the consult-ant prepares the design development documents (plans, elevations and sections) maintaining the local and required international rules. The design is then incorporated with functions, MEP & LEED, in this stage.


Based on the approval of the above stage, the consultant prepares Govt. Approval drawings and working drawings (architectural & structure) for construction.

Top Supervision

An architect/engineer assigned by client will be present at the site full time, fully monitoring to ensure safe and quality construction work. Architect/engineer from the consultancy firm will have periodical visits (2/3 visits per month) to observe if the work is progressing as per specifications of the design and safety parameters. The client will be then informed through a written report.

Recent Projects

Other Projects

LEED Platinum

Cute Dress Ltd.


Total Land Area: 4.42 bigha
Ground Coverage: 59.86%

3 Storied Garments Building: 7626 sqm
Single Storied Utility Building: 888 sqm
Total Built Area: 8512 sqm

August 2015 – November 2017

LEED Anticipated

Color & Stitches Ltd.


Total Land Area: 6.85 bigha
Ground Coverage: 54.58%

3 Storied Production Buidling: 5600 sqm
Single Storied Utility: 371 sqm
Total Built Area: 8116 sqm

February 2016 – August 2017




Total Land Area: 4.54 bigha
Ground Coverage: 57.68%

B+7 Storied Production Building: 23675.12 sqm
2 Storied Utility Building: -1,150.82 sqm
Total Built Area: 26,541.25 sqm

December 2015 – October 2017


Dipta Apparels Ltd.


Total Land Area: 8.57 bigha
Ground Coverage: 59.97%

B+6 Storied Production Building (B-01)
B+6 Storied Production & Offce Building (B-02)
G+2 Storied Utility Building (B-03)
Total Construction Area: 40445 sqm

September 2014 – July 2017

LEED Silver

Dird Composite Textile Ltd.


Total Land Area: 50.23 bigha
Ground Coverage: 44%

4 Storied Textile Building
5 Storied Garments Building
5 Storied Dining Building
2 Storied Yarn Dyeing Building
4 Storied Chemical Store Building
Total Construction Area: 98548.50 sqm

July 2014 – March 2017


AKH Eco Apparels Ltd.


Total Land Area: 30.88 bigha
Ground Coverage: 48.18%

4 Storied Industrial Building: 34,000 sqm
2 Storied Industrial Utility: 500 sqm
4 Storied Dining & Store: 10500 sqm
Total Built Area: 45000 sqm

November 2014 – February 2016

LEED Anticipated

Knit Asia Ltd. (Unit 2)


Total Land Area: 34.5 bigha
Ground Coverage: 36%

5 Storied Garments Building: 28,456 sqm
2 Storied Utility Building: 1724 sqm
Total Built Area: 44,068 sqm

August 2015 – November 2017

Ananta Huaxian Ltd.
Sweater Factory Building
Year: 2012

Socks Factory
Year: 2012

AKH Knitting And Dyeing Limited 4th Extension
Knit Dyeing Factory
Year: 2012

Basic Shirts Ltd.
Garments Factory
Year: 2012

Norban Comptex Ltd.
Knitting & Dyeing Factory
Year: 2010

AKH Fashions Ltd.
Knit Garments Factory
Year: 2010

Comptex Bangladesh Ltd.
Store Building
Year: 2010

9 Storied Garments Building
Knit Garments
Year: 2008

Salek Textile Mills Ltd.
Rotor Spinning Factory
Year: 2007

Comptex Bangladesh Ltd.
Knitting & Dyeing Factory
Year: 2006

ACS Textile(Bangladesh) Ltd.
Home Fabrics
Year: 2005

Malek Spinning Mills Ltd.
Spinning Factory
Year: 2005

Robintex(Bangladesh) Ltd.
Knit Garments Factory
Year: 2004

CMC Kamal Textile Mills Ltd.
Spinning Factory
Year: 2004

Comilla Spinning Mills Ltd.
Spinning Factory
Year: 2003

Our Team

  • A.N.M Habibullah
    Architect / Managing Director (MIAB: H-065)
    Experience: 30 Years
  • Umme Kulsum Rekha
    Interior Designer / Director
    Experience: 17 Years
  • Engr. Golam Mustofa
    Senior Structural Engineer
    B.Sc Engineer Civil [BUET] (Experience: 34 Years)
  • Engr. Md. Nazrul Alam
    Senior Structural Engineer
    B.Sc Engineer Civil [BUET] (Experience: 31 Years)
  • Md. Mustafizur Rahman
    Senior Consultant MEP
    B.Sc Engineer (Elec)
  • Mustasim Nasrum Minallah
    Assistant Architect (MIAB: AM-226)
    Experience: 7 Years
  • Md. Raihanul Islam Dulal
    Assistant Structural Engineer (MIAB: AM-16152)
    Experience: 6 Years
  • Ripon Ali
    Sub-assistant Architect
    Experience: 5 Years

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